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RBI Panel

On-Demand Webinar

Getting Ready For RBI Compliance In Banks

As per the latest RBI circular, heavy emphasis is added on security in payments. This panel discussion touches upon what the RBI regulations mean for the banks. 

RSAC Event

RSAC 365 Innovation Showcase

Virtual Red Teaming

FireCompass is selected @RSAC365 Innovations Showcase. 

FireCompass talks about Virtual Red Teaming/ Continuous Automated Red Teaming(CART). 

BFSI Webinar

Security Trends And Emerging Technologies

In the first edition of  CISO Platform Webinar Series our speakers discussed the key reasons for cyber breaches in 2020, RBIs focus on cybersecurity in 2021, future predictions for security in the BFSI sector, and CISO priorities for 2021. 

Fireside Chat

Running Cyber Crisis Drill For The US Govt

In this episode of Fireside Chat with CISO Platform Dan Lohrmann, CSO, Security Mentor Inc & Bikash Barai, Co-Founder FireCompass, discussed how to conduct cybersecurity drills and tabletops for The US Govt. 

Fireside Chat

2021 Trends – Continuous Security Validation

In this episode of our Fireside Chat, our speaker Bikash Barai, Co-Founder, FireCompass along with  Ananth MS, CISO, Jana Bank, and Akhil Verma, CISO, Airtel Bank discussed Continuous Security Validation.

Fireside Chat

New Trends and Predictions for Offensive Security

In this episode of our Fireside Chat with CISO Platform, Matthew Rosenquist, CISO Eclipz, and Bikash Barai, Co-Founder, Firecompass, discussed a bunch of things related to cybersecurity practices.

CP hands on workshop

Hands-On workshop

Shifting From Penetration Testing To CART

In a two-day hands-on workshop with the CISO platform our experts, Jitendra Chauhan and Apoorv Saxena have shared the know-how of conducting red team exercises. You may view the recording here. 

About FireCompass

FireCompass is a SaaS platform for Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART) and Attack Surface Management (ASM). FireCompass continuously indexes and monitors the deep, dark and surface webs using nation-state grade reconnaissance techniques. The platform automatically discovers an organization’s digital attack surface and launches multi-stage safe attacks, mimicking a real attacker, to help identify breach and attack paths that are otherwise missed out by conventional tools.