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(Panel) CISO Burnout Tips: Addressing Through Organizational Culture & Cyber Maturity

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CISO Role increased strain impacts tenure of CISO, lower engagement with other executives, less capacity to drive his/her team. Crucial areas like hiring, customer communication, professional development get hindered and ignored

Key Learnings:

  • Can organizational culture impact and solve this problem?
  • Why are we expected to be ‘always on’ .. can organization culture fix it?
  • How can cyber maturity be best set to make a CISO worry free? 
  • Should companies be committed financially to a time-off / networking events ? How much has this changed in recent times?

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Bikash Barai
Co-founder, FireCompass
Advisor, CISO Platform


Jim Routh
Former Head Security at JP Morgan and Chase; Former CISO (6X), Board member, Advisor, Investor & Faculty member


Renee Guttman
Ex CISO,Coca-Cola.
Advisory Board Member


Jitendra Joshi
Cybersecurity Director,
Grant Thornton LLP

FireCompass Use Cases

Single Platform For Continuous Discovery & Testing Of Your External Attack Surface

Ransomware Attack Surface Testing (RAST)

Discover ransomware attack surface and it’s risk by scanning entire internet for risky assets potentially belonging to the organization

External Attack Surface Management (EASM)

Identify all IPs, Applications, exposed database/cloud buckets, code leaks, leaked credentials, vulnerabilities, exposed test/pre-production systems, etc.

Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART)

Launches multi-stage attacks on your attack surface and identifies the breach and attack paths.

Red Teaming-as-a-Service To Emulate Adversary TTPs