Launching FireCompass -Shadow IT

FireCompass indexes the entire global internet to discover the unknown attack surface of an organization which is exposed on the internet. It creates an asset inventory of all your publicly exposed applications & services. This big picture is delivered via web-based software, APIs, and executive reporting.

"By 2020, a third of successful attacks experienced by enterprises will be on their shadow IT resources."
- Gartner Security Predictions

Discover, Map & Analyze your Publicly Exposed Digital Footprint

Test how effective is your breach detection and response capability

Manage Third Party risks to assess the security posture of vendors and prevent data breaches

Know your Enterprise’s exposed critical data and passwords in the Dark Web

You Can't Protect What You can't see

Discover & Map your Applications & Services which are publicly exposed on the internet, intentionally or unintentionally. Discover exposed DB Servers & S3 Buckets (due to misconfigurations etc.), Identify exposed applications & websites, helps find inadvertently exposed applications, Identify files & documents which are publicly accessible, Identify exposed internet infrastructure including DNS Names, Domains, IP Addresses etc, Fingerprint exposed services like APIs, FTP Servers etc, Identify personnel data which is available freely on the internet, including email addresses, phone numbers etc, Continuously monitor for unknown unknowns. Get differential reporting and prioritize findings.


Blog & Resources

Shadow IT Discovery

Report: Your Short Guide On Shadow IT

Not having real time view of your dynamic digital footprint and the risks it is introducing, leaves an organization in the dark and serves as a low ...

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Amex Customer data exposed

700K AmEx Customer Data Exposed

A recently disclosed data leak impacted around 700,000 American Express India customers, exposing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) line Names,emails...

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MS Office Sub-Domain Takeover Vulnerability

Security Researcher discovered webapp vulnerabilities in Microsoft (Office & Live Login System), which allows an attacker to easily gain access to organizations emails ...

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Shadow IT Discovery

Enumerate Your Digital Footprint