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Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART) & Attack Surface Management (ASM)

Single Platform For Automated Recon & Multi Stage Attacks

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Single Platform For Continuous Discovery & Testing Of Your External Attack Surface

Continuous Monitoring

Daily monitoring & testing on the Attack Surface

False Positive Elimination

Remove false positives, highlight critical risks

Risk Based Prioritization

The dashboard summarizes the high, medium & low priority risks

Zero Installation
& Setup

No software, No agents, Near zero time deployment

How Does It Work?

No Software. No Hardware. No Agents

Continuous Recon & Attack Surface Discovery

FireCompass runs continuously and indexes the deep, dark and surface web using elaborate recon techniques as threat actors. The platform then automatically discovers an organization's dynamic digital attack surface, including unknown exposed databases, cloud buckets, code leaks, exposed credentials, risky cloud assets, and open ports & more

Continuous Automated Red Teaming

FireCompass provides the ability to launch safe-attacks on your most critical applications and assets. Once you approve the scope on which the attacks need to be launched, FireCompass engine launches the multi-stage attacks, which includes network attacks, application attacks, and social engineering attacks to identify breach and attack paths.

Prioritized Risks with Real time Alerts

FireCompass helps to prioritize digital risks to focus efforts on the vulnerabilities that are most likely to be exploited. The dashboard summarizes the high, medium, and low priority risks and the recommended mitigation steps. FireCompass continuously analyzes the internet, and provides near real time alerts on any changes or risks associated with your digital footprint

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Top 3 Telecom Companies in USA
Top Banks, Financial Services & Insurance
Top 10 IT, ITES Companies
Top Manufacturing, Ecommerce etc


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FireCompass Use Cases

Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART)

Launches multi-stage attacks on your attack surface and identifies the breach and attack paths.

Attack Surface Management (ASM)

Identify all IPs, Applications, exposed database/cloud buckets, code leaks, leaked credentials, vulnerabilities, exposed test/pre-production systems, etc.

Ransomware Attack Surface Testing (RAST)

Discover ransomware attack surface and it’s risk by scanning entire internet for risky assets potentially belonging to the organization

Adversary Emulation

Test your security for threat actor attacks or a specific group a hackers mimicking tricks and methods they use.

Daily Risk Port Scanning

Analyzes the internet and provides alerts on any changes or risks associated with new ports, exposed RDP, risky assets or any internet-facing infrastructure.

Management Reporting & Assurance

Conducts a combination of Attacks (Phishing Attack, DAST Attacks, Cloud Attacks,..etc to test the effectiveness of your Security Controls (SOC), test MTD, MTR etc.

Important Resources

Get A Hacker's View Of Your Attack Surface

See your organization’s attack surface from a hacker’s viewpoint (Unsanctioned Cloud Assets, Digital Footprint, Phishing Risks, Misconfigured Infrastructure & more.)

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See your organization’s attack surface from a hacker’s viewpoint: Digital Attack Surface & Shadow IT, Exposed Database,Cloud buckets, Risky Ports, Misconfigured Infrastructure, Code Leads & more)

About FireCompass

FireCompass is a SaaS platform for Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART) and Attack Surface Management (ASM). FireCompass continuously indexes and monitors the deep, dark and surface webs using nation-state grade reconnaissance techniques. The platform automatically discovers an organization’s digital attack surface and launches multi-stage safe attacks, mimicking a real attacker, to help identify breach and attack paths that are otherwise missed out by conventional tools.