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Enable Your Customers to Use a Single Platform For Automated Recon & Multi Stage Attacks

About FireCompass

FireCompass is a SaaS platform for Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART) and Attack Surface Management (ASM). FireCompass continuously indexes and monitors the deep, dark and surface webs using nation-state grade reconnaissance techniques. The platform automatically discovers an organization’s digital attack surface and launches multi-stage safe attacks, mimicking a real attacker, to help identify breach and attack paths that are otherwise missed out by conventional tools.

See your organization’s attack surface from a hacker’s viewpoint: Digital Attack Surface & Shadow IT, Exposed Database,Cloud buckets, Risky Ports, Misconfigured Infrastructure, Code Leads & more)

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"To our surprise, the tool has exceeded our expectations .. The tool has demonstrated reliability in the findings and FireCompass has proven to be a valuable service provider."
-Manager IT, Top 3 Telecos, USA