Digital Footprint & Shadow IT Discovery

Your Digital Footprint & Risks

The Digital Footprint of an Enterprise, is an inventory of all the digital assets over internet, it represents the unique traces of its digital presence like domains, subdomains, IPs, Applications, etc shared over internet. Active Digital Footprints or known unknowns (Like in Social Media Pages, known Domains, Subdomains, IPs, Applications etc) and Passive Digital Footprints or unknown unknowns (For example, Local departments like marketing launching a website , cloud/SaaS app bypassing IT and security teams causing no official record of this digital asset or IT puts some application online and overtime loses track of it). These being unmonitored become a easy way in for the attackers.

For a large enterprise, unknown assets often run into hundreds and since they are not being monitored, they become the easy target for attackers. 

Firecompass helps to Enumerate Vulnerabilities (CVEs, Takeover Risk etc.), Discover Exposed DB Servers & S3 Buckets, Discover Domains, Exposed Applications, Websites & Identify Exposed Documents & Files, IoT Infrastructure, Compromised / Malicious Infrastructure, exposed services like APIs, FTP Servers, Exposed Personnel Information including email addresses, phone numbers etc. It can also Detect Fake Mobile Apps & Websites or Domains.

Discover, Map & Analyze your Publicly Exposed Digital Footprint

Digital Footprint Shadow IT

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