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Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART)

Prioritize Initial Access Points That Would Be Targeted First By Running Frequent And Consistent Testing

"Traditional Red teaming involves multiple tools and manual effort. FireCompass eliminates the need for repetitive manual effort.. significantly helped to improve delivery speed & the depth-breadth of testing.."
-CEO, Security Innovation

Multiply Red Team Capacity, Prioritize Risk, And Eliminate Access Points.

You probably believe like we do that cyber attackers have an edge. If you are seeking a way to displace multiple tools and reduce repetitive manual efforts but still gain the benefits of continuous red teaming and penetration testing on your entire attack surface then you want a continuous automated red teaming (CART) capability. 

Our Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART) platform gives you multi-stage attack playbooks to mimic a real attacker and accurately pinpoint prioritized vulnerabilities that would be targeted first. Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART) delivers shorter mean time to remediation (MTTR) and increased depth and breadth of coverage so you can focus on your mission of keeping attackers out and keeping IT/OT services running smoothly and securely.

Gartner says “Nation-state actors and criminal organizations operate with a level of sophistication that surpasses the preventative and detection capabilities of most security and risk management teams.”


How FireCompass Helps

All in a Single Platform – Continuous & Automated

No Interruptions. No Deployment. No Hardware. No Agents.

External Attack Surface Management (EASM)

FireCompass runs continuously and indexes the deep, dark, and surface web using the same reconnaissance techniques as threat actors do & automatically discovers an organization's dynamic digital attack surface. Followed by active validation to eliminate false positives.

Attack Playbooks & Threat Hunting

FireCompass attack playbooks help democratize red teaming by providing threat hunters with detailed and programmatic information on how ransomware susceptibility assessments, web applications testing, credential stuffing, and objective-based campaigns would be run by attackers.

Attack Validation & Prioritized Risks

Validation on unauthenticated attacks, web application attacks, stolen credentialed attacks and social engineering attacks on the discovered digital surface will deliver risk prioritized from the attacker’s perspective to help your team focus on accelerating triaged mitigation strategies.

External Attack Surface Management

Failure to conduct frequent & extensive attacker-like reconnaissance leaves low-hanging fruits easily exploited by adversaries. The FireCompass platform works by doing:

  • Zero-Knowledge fast internet-based recon on 3 Billion+ IPs using deep, dark and surface web OSINT data collections
  • Uses attacker-like MITRE ATT&CK Reconnaissance techniques as threat actors would to collect data from threat intel feeds and correlate them with active scans
  • AI/ML driven automated asset attribution to organizational business context
  • Active validation eliminates false positives and accurately attributes business context
  • Delta Reporting delivers situational awareness to stakeholders about the attack surface
firecompass data dashboard of attack surface management
Firecompass Playbook Dashboard

Attack Playbooks & Threat Hunting

Find likely attack paths by emulating the most recent threat actors with a platform that never sleeps. Use ready-made playbooks to launch multi-stage attacks for ransomware susceptibility assessments, LOG4J, CISA Alerts for Known Exploited Vulnerabilities, critical infrastructure attacks, web application attacks, stolen credential attacks, social engineering attacks and more on every asset discovered in your digital surface to validate your security posture and accelerate risk mitigation. The FireCompass platform provides attack and hunting playbooks to:

  • Increase Automation & Faster Analysis to free your penetration testers to focus on more challenging work
  • Emulate latest threat actors such as Chinese State-Sponsored actors, Russian Threat Actors & more
  • Evaluate susceptibility to multiple ransomware flavours
  • Conduct DAST and OWASP Top 10 attacks on web based applications
  • Perform active social engineering attacks with phishing playbooks

Attack Validation & Prioritized Risks

Continuous validation on unauthenticated attacks, web application attacks, stolen credentialed attacks and social engineering attacks on the discovered digital surface will deliver risk prioritized from the attacker’s perspective to help your team focus on accelerating triaged mitigation strategies. This reduces mean time to detect and repair. Unlike simulated attacks, real-world attack emulation validates your security controls.

  • Eliminate alert fatigue by only responding to validated attacks
  • Adversary-based prioritization that validates attack methods nation-state actors or cybercriminal groups are known to use
  • Prioritize high-risk vulnerabilities that are most likely to be exploited
  • Attack validation also filters out false positives, if the attack fails, so will attackers
  • Access & improve the effectiveness of your security tools, SOC, and managed security partners
Firecompass Security Strategy Dashboard

Benefits of Using FireCompass

Launch Multi-Stage
Attacks & Ensure Your Defenses

Launch multi-stage attacks on your attack surface and identify the breach and attack paths. Give your blue team the knowledge they need in attack playbooks. Validate your defenses with safe real-world attacks.

Detect Active Threats
& Mitigate Risks

FireCompass Continuous automated Red Teaming tests your complete attack surface to identify weakest links in your security program such as web applications, exposed database/cloud buckets, code leaks, leaked credentials, vulnerabilities, and exposed test/pre-production systems.

Risk-based Prioritization To Focus On The Most Important First

FireCompass identifies, analyzes, and prioritizes digital risks to focus efforts on the vulnerabilities that are most likely to be exploited.

Frequently Asked Questions

Automated Red Teaming is a continuous, automated process of testing the security of a system by simulating the activities of an adversary with the goal of uncovering weaknesses in the system. It uses a combination of automated tools and processes such as vulnerability scans, port scans, and other scanning techniques to detect potential vulnerabilities. Manual red teaming and penetration testing cannot be continuous processes due to limitations in time and budget and expertise. Automated Red Teaming is also more effective at uncovering weaknesses that may have been overlooked by manual testing. Automated Red Teaming can be used to supplement manual red teaming and penetration testing, providing a more comprehensive security evaluation.
  •   •   Increased Efficiency: FireCompass’ automated processes can help streamline your red teaming efforts and maximize your team’s efficiency. FireCompass can automate tasks such as assessment scoping, data collection, data analysis, prioritization, and reporting, allowing your team to focus on the more important aspects of red teaming and blue teaming.
  •   •   Improved Coverage: FireCompass’ automated red teaming tools can provide comprehensive coverage of your IT environment. By automating the data collection and analysis process, FireCompass can help you identify threats and vulnerabilities more quickly across your entire IT infrastructure.
  •   •   Enhanced Visibility: FireCompass’ automated tools can provide detailed visibility into your IT environment. Automated data collection and analysis can give you a more comprehensive view of your IT infrastructure, allowing you to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities more quickly.
  •   •   Reduced Costs: Automated red teaming with FireCompass can help reduce costs by eliminating the need to hire and train additional personnel. Automation can also help reduce the time and effort required for manual tasks, resulting in significant cost savings.
FireCompass automates red teaming by providing a platform that allows users to define and execute attack scenarios and tests via predefined and custom playbooks. It operates on a “continuous attack model” that monitors and tests systems on an ongoing basis. FireCompass can detect and alert on malicious activities, such as lateral movement and privilege escalation. It also provides a suite of tools for performing reconnaissance, exploitation, and post-exploitation activities. This helps organizations to detect and respond to potential threats before they become a problem and can validate blue team processes that detect these activities.
Automated Red Teaming can improve compliance by providing organizations with continuous monitoring of their networks, systems, and data. This helps to identify any potential risks or weaknesses in their security posture, allowing them to take action to address any issues and ensure that they are meeting their compliance requirements. Automated Red Teaming can also provide regular reports on the state of the organization’s security posture, making it easy to track progress and ensure compliance.
Automated Red Teaming can improve Blue Teaming by providing a more efficient and effective way to test security controls. Automation provides a consistent and repeatable way to simulate real-world attacks, which can help Blue Teams identify vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, or other weaknesses that would be difficult to find manually. Automated Red Teaming also helps Blue Teams better understand the adversary’s tactics, techniques, and procedures, which can help them better prepare for and respond to real-world attacks.
  •   •   Vulnerability Scanning: Using automated tools to identify and report on potential security weaknesses in your network and systems.
  •   •   Social Engineering: Manipulating people into giving up confidential information or performing unauthorized actions.
  •   •   Network Mapping: Utilizing tools to map out a network’s topology and identify potential entry points.
  •   •   Penetration Testing: Using automated tools and manual methods to identify and exploit weaknesses in your networks and systems.
  •   •   Physical Security Testing: Utilizing physical reconnaissance and covert methods to assess the physical security of your organization.
  •   •   Malware Analysis: Examining malicious code to better understand the nature and purpose of the attack.
  •   •   Database Enumeration: Utilizing tools to identify and retrieve information from databases.
  •   •   Application Security Testing: Utilizing tools to evaluate the security of web and mobile applications.
  •   •   Wireless Network Testing: Utilizing tools to assess the security of wireless networks.
  •   •   Phishing Campaigns: Utilize emails to employees or partners to gain initial access or information about systems including credentials.
FireCompass uses trained Machine Learning algorithms to help reduce false positives by 99%. The platform analyzes the context of the risks and threats, and looks at the behavior of the attacker and the target, and learns the characteristics of successful malicious activity. FireCompass also leverages threat intelligence and reputation data to further refine output and filter out false positives. With its deep insights, FireCompass can accurately identify assets and risks to reduce false positives by 99%.

Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART) utilizes automation to discover assets, prioritize risks, and conduct real-world attacks like real attackers. It improves cybersecurity posture by providing a cost-effective way to proactively and continuously assess your overall security posture, making red teaming more accessible, and providing real-time visibility into the organization’s defense performance.

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About FireCompass

FireCompass is a SaaS platform for Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART) and External Attack Surface Management (EASM) that acts as an integral part of a good exposure management program. 

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