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Fireside Chat : Practical Approach To Understanding Attack Surface Management (ASM) In 2023​

Date: 9 March, 2023 | Time: 10 AM (EST)

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We will understand how ASM dramatically improves visibility, how ASM can be a force multiplier for security teams that are stretched thin and how ASM creates practical risk reductions because of these (visibility and force multiplier). We will also understand the ASM solution market and ‘How To Identify A Good Fit For Your Organization ?

Key Discussion Points : 

  • Fundamentals : What Is ASM? How Does ASM Work ?
  • How ASM Dramatically Improves Visibility ? 
  • How ASM Can Be A Force Multiplier For Security Teams?
  • How ASM Creates Practical Risk Reduction ?
  • Understanding ASM Solution Market
  • How To Identify A Good Fit For Your Organization ? 



Bikash Barai
CISO Platform & Firecompass

Bikash is an IIT Kharagpur alumni with multiple patents under his name. Fortune magazine named him as a part of Fortune 40-under-40. He is a well-known global speaker who spoke at RSA Conference USA, RSA Singapore, Interop USA, TEDx etc.

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Chris Ray

Chris Ray
Security Architect

Chris is a veteran of the cyber security domain. He has acquired an extensive amount of experience advising and consulting with security vendors, helping them find product-market fit as well as deliver cybersecurity services.

"The tool has exceeded our expectations"

- Risk Manager, Sprint USA (now part of T-Mobile)
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Single Platform For Continuous Discovery & Testing Of Your External Attack Surface

External Attack Surface Management (EASM)

Identify all IPs, Applications, exposed database/cloud buckets, code leaks, leaked credentials, vulnerabilities, exposed test/pre-production systems, etc.

Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART)

Launches multi-stage attacks on your attack surface and identifies the breach and attack paths.

Ransomware Attack Surface Testing (RAST)

Discover ransomware attack surface and it’s risk by scanning entire internet for risky assets potentially belonging to the organization