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Top 10 Tools for Reconnaissance

Reconnaissance, the initial step in a cyber-kill chain according to Lockheed-Martin Corporation, involves the research, identification, and selection of targets, aiming to pinpoint vulnerabilities within a network. This document outlines the top tools for reconnaissance. Download now..

Ransomware remains the greatest challenge for security executives in almost every industry. Download data sheet to find out more…

It is predicted that damages worth over 20 Billion USD will be caused by ransomware attacks in 2021. Download data sheet to find out more…

Every company needs to be aware of security blind spots that are created by increasing cloud adaptation, unknown applications used by agile teams, shadow IT assets, misconfigured assets, etc…

Ransomware attacks globally have gone up by 102% in 2021 compared to last year. Cybercrime Magazine reports that Healthcare, Insurance, and Utilities are among …

The CTO’s initial goal was to centralize control of the company’s digital assets and understand the attack surface. However, these assets existed in siloed environments and were not visible to the management…

Data suggests that the global average cost of a data breach is $3.9 million. In this guide, learn about containing/isolating data loss, conducting a root cause analysis, and finding preventive measures.

Customer is a Multinational corporation that provides business consulting, IT, outsourcing services and next-generation software services. It is one of the largest public companies in India.

The Customer is an e-commerce platform for Beauty & Fashion Products. They help their customers in providing product reviews, beauty how-to videos, expert articles on beauty products, and a magazine. 

The Customer is one of the largest mobile network operators in the USA. They offer a comprehensive range of wireless and wireline communications services to the government and consumers. 

Discover Your Attack Surface Before Hackers Do:
Not having real time view of your dynamic attack surface and the risks it is introducing, leaves an organization in the dark and serves as a low hanging fruit for attackers to use this exposed information to fuel their malicious attacks.

In an ever-evolving cybersecurity space, the constant is the nature of the bad actors who are trying to attack your organization every day. In an OSINT study conducted by Firecompass, some very staggering data were found and is shared in this webinar by us.

About FireCompass

FireCompass is a SaaS platform for Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART) and External Attack Surface Management (EASM) that acts as an integral part of a good exposure management program.

  • Single Platform for Attack Surface Management and Automated Penetration Testing & Red Team
  • Daily Risk Port Scanning & Adversary Emulation through multiple Attack Playbooks
  • Prioritized Risks with real-time alerts for faster detection and remediation

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