Data Sheet - Continuous Attack Surface Management & Red Teaming

Every company needs to be aware of security blind spots that are created by increasing cloud adaptation, unknown applications used by agile teams, shadow IT assets, misconfigured assets, etc...

FireCompass Case Study of a Large E-commerce Company

The CTO’s initial goal was to centralize control of the company’s digital assets and understand the attack surface. However, these assets existed in siloed environments, and various departmental groups controlled the assets. Gathering an accurate, complete inventory ...

CISO Checklist Download– 13 Key Steps For Cyber Breach Response

Data suggests that the global average cost of a data breach is $3.9 million. In this guide, steps to contain/isolate data loss Conducting root cause analysis Chalking out preventive measures & more

Short CISO Guide
On Attack Surface Analysis

Discover Your Attack Surface Before Hackers Do: Not having real time view of your dynamic attack surface and the risks it is introducing, leaves an organization in the dark and serves as a low hanging fruit for attackers to use this exposed information to fuel their malicious attacks.

9 Critical Capabilities For Digital Risk Protection Program

Digital Risk Protection ( DRP ) is a term possibly popularized or coined by Forrester to describe the market of tools and technologies to protect from the risks posed by externally facing digital assets. As per Forrester: “Most buyers (77%) are purchasing DRP tools as net-new solutions for their ...

Breach Trends and Insights-Report September 2020

This report summarises the top breaches between mid-August till 15th September 2020. The report will help you to keep track of the latest hacks and add insights to safeguard your organization by looking at the trends. The Most Common Breach Trends Identified Were : Hacking – Twitter ...

About FireCompass

FireCompass is a SaaS platform for Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART) and Attack Surface Management (ASM). FireCompass continuously indexes and monitors the deep, dark and surface webs using nation-state grade reconnaissance techniques. The platform automatically discovers an organization’s digital attack surface and launches multi-stage safe attacks, mimicking a real attacker, to help identify breach and attack paths that are otherwise missed out by conventional tools.