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Top 5 Shadow IT Security Blogs

Top 5 Shadow IT Security Blogs

Here is a small list of top blogs that you can skim through to read some of the best resources on Shadow IT on the internet.

  • Why Shadow IT Is A Risky Bet For OT Departments
    This article describes how Shadow IT can be a major pain point if the OT (Operations Technology) department starts operating as a sub-business unit under the enterprise. This has major implications on the IoT segment too.
  • Make The Best Of Shadow IT
    This gives insight into the strategic moves one can take in an organization. It’s also a good idea to keep up with the best practices to manage shadow IT. It includes strategies like developing a deep network of business contacts, bridge integration issues early between IT and the business and more 
  • Shadow IT:  What Is It And Is It Really Risky?
    This article on ISACA gives an understanding as to why exactly Shadow IT can be risky and how to approach the problem. This gives you a short brief of what the problem is, how risky it is and what can be done about it
  • Shadow IT: It’s Not What You Think
    This majorly brings in the reasons why Shadow IT now needs the attention. The pointers include – mainstream SAAS adoption, cloud is everywhere, teams and information are more on machine (IT) vs physical files (as before), the office culture is more relaxed and open vs rigid hierarchy & more. It deals with the understanding of the problem along with its increasing relevance due to the adoption of SAAS which is on the rise
  • 5 Shadow IT Statistics To Make You Reconsider Your Life
    The pointers include Shadow IT Spend Exploding, highly vulnerable, users  aren’t skilled at managing it, goes unchecked in times of ever increasing cloud SAAS services, CIOs underestimate its impact

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