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Shadow IT

Top 3 insights To The Impacts Of Shadow IT

Digital Security is a challenging practice of protecting your organization’s information and to understand the Impact of Shadow IT. In most organizations, it would be hard just to make sure that they are not compromised through your networks, communication systems, and storage systems. Having to worry about information that is outside your control, and that… Read More »Top 3 insights To The Impacts Of Shadow IT

Shadow IT in Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare organizations and pharmaceutical companies rest on a foundation of sensitive patient data and intellectual property. Healthcare entities in the private sector – especially those affiliated with academic medical centers and university research facilities – also commonly face challenges of identifying and reining in shadow IT and mitigating the security risks posed by technology deployments that aren’t… Read More »Shadow IT in Healthcare Organizations

6 Must-Know Facts About Shadow IT

Shadow IT refers to IT applications and infrastructure that are managed and utilized without the knowledge of the enterprise’s IT department. Shadow IT risks exists in most organizations but most IT leaders and CISOs underestimate about its reach. In this blog, we will uncover the important facts that every business leader should understand about Shadow… Read More »6 Must-Know Facts About Shadow IT

Recommendation to Prevent Shadow IT

Shadow IT have many potential risks that can have an impact on organizations. These Five recommendations are that an organization can consider to prevent Shadow IT. Awareness: Communication is a key to prevent shadow IT and there needs to be communication on the policies and solutions that a company offers, as well as business units should be… Read More »Recommendation to Prevent Shadow IT