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(Shadow IT) How Does COVID 19 Or Remote Work Impact Enterprise Security?

(Shadow IT) How Does COVID 19 Or Remote Work Impact Enterprise Security?

Numerous organizations have moved hurriedly to change their workforces during the COVID-19 pandemic so they can work remotely, actualizing new instruments and frameworks now and again as per the requirements.

According to new data, a poll revealed that 71% of security professionals had reported an increase in security threats or attacks since the start of the virus outbreak. Phishing (55%), malicious websites (32%), malware (28%) and ransomware (19%) were cited as the top threats. These have been exacerbated by home working challenges, with 95% of respondents claiming to be under new pressures. (source)

What is Shadow IT and How it is being affected by Pandemic

Shadow IT refers to any information technology that is implemented in the organization without the knowledge of the IT department.

According to McAfee’s 2019 Cloud Adoption and Risk Report, the average organization utilizes 1,900+ cloud benefits (a 15% expansion from earlier year). However, most of them accept they just use around 30. 

One of the Vendor “Checkpoint” conducted a survey for 400 organizations with over 500 employees to better understand the current challenges of IT Security teams. As per the report,71%  security professionals have observed an increase in security threats since the start of this COVID-19 Pandemic, out of which top threats are :

  • Phishing 55%
  • Malicious website 32%
  • Malware 28%
  • Ransomware 19%

With more than 95% survey responses stated that because of new pressures, these risks are increasing. Almost half of them (47%) of respondents mentioned that remote workforce using shadow IT solutions represented a major problem

As per Rafi Kretchmer, head of product marketing at Check Point “Cyber-criminals will always seek to capitalize on the latest trends to try and boost the success rates of attacks, and the coronavirus pandemic has created a perfect storm of a global news event together with dramatic changes in working practices and the technologies used by organizations

Major Threats Associated With Remote Working

  • Increased risk of data breaches
  • Compliance issues and regulation violations
  • Missed financial goals due to unforeseen costs
  • Solutions to help manage shadow IT

How to Prevent Shadow IT Risks

Inherently not all shadow IT are high risk factors, but they are the medium by which employees can share sensitive information of their organization unknowingly. Hence they should be handled with utmost precaution

  • Educate your workforce
  • Make an Ever-Expanding List of Approved Cloud Services and Practices
  • Organize Security Assessments to analyse your organizations IT Security overview
  • Implement Zero Trust Policies