CISO Guide To Dealing With Stress During Covid 19 Practical Strategies & Tactics

CISO Guide to dealing with stress during COVID19

Social distancing, remote working, unstable times, unpredictable futures – we are all battling with one or all these issues in this COVID-19 ridden days. 

As security professionals we understand the importance of building a resilient security program which can not only protect but also detect, respond and recover from a security incident. But what about building a resilient mind? How well are you able to detect, respond and recover from stress? If there was a framework for resilience of mind how would it be? 

In this webinar Bikash Barai guides us on how you can “Deal With Your Stress in COVID 19 Lockdown Through Mindfulness & Minimalism”.. Bikash Barai has spoken at various forums like the TEDx, RSA Conference USA, University of California, Berkeley, Nasscom, NUS Singapore etc.

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The Full Video Clip

Video Clip Split By Topics

Power of minimalism (4min)

Mindfulness (20mins)

Power of anchors (4min)

Power of mental language (4min)

Emotion=call to action (2min)

Power of beliefs (6min)

Power of gratitude (2min)