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FireCompass In Gartner Hype Cycle: External Attack Surface Management

EASM Gartner Firecompass
In The Endpoint Security Hype Cycle, Gartner tracks the innovations that aid security leaders in protecting their enterprises from attacks and breaches. The report talks about the adoption of new use cases and technologies such as Attack Surface Management (ASM), BAS, Exposure Management (EM) …etc. Gartner recognizes FireCompass as a leader in the EASM (External Attack Surface Management) category under endpoint security.

As Gartner says, “Visibility is key, end users must have an awareness of where risks are, even if the organization has no way to reduce them.” Security leaders responsible for managing organizational risks have traditionally looked at vulnerability scanning and security controls, helping to identify the level of exposure that their infrastructure is subject to. Security professionals struggle to prioritize risks and what should be actioned first, thereby having alert fatigue and leaving gaps where they feel they have less control.

FireCompass Named A Sample Vendor In Gartner® Hype Cycle for Endpoint Security 2022

External Attack Surface Management

FireCompass EASM (External Attack Surface Management) provides valuable risk context and actionable information to security risk managers & leaders. Here are the top use cases:

  • Continuously monitor for internet-facing assets that could be exposed (cloud services, IPs, domains, certificates and IoT devices)
  • Asset discovery & mapping for external-facing assets and systems
  • Prioritize the risks and vulnerabilities discovered (risk-based prioritization)
  • Daily Risk Port Scanning & Adversary Emulation through multiple Attack Playbooks
  • Security validation, whether attacks will be successful and whether security controls can assist with detecting or preventing them