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Leader in AI-based Pen Testing

Trusted by leading Fortune 1000 companies

Why Fortune 1000 Companies Trust FireCompass?

We combine Artificial Intelligence + Humans!

FireCompass has built a single platform for Automated Recon and Attack. You can use the platform for External Attack Surface Management (EASM), Pentesting and Red Teaming. Some of the key advantages are:

  • Discover unknown Attack Paths: FireCompass uses AI to discover attack paths that might be missed in traditional pen testing.
  • Eliminate False Positives with active scans and prioritize risks that matter. Say Goodbye to false positives from Vulnerability Assessment and EASM.
  • Scale Pentesting for 100% Asset Coverage: Continuous discovery of nearly 100% of attack surfaces using FireCompass Recon followed by the Attack Engine for Pentesting and Red Teaming.
  • Increase Pentesting Frequency: Scale your continuous penetration testing to a monthly, daily frequency, or on-demand.
  • 80% Cost Savings: Save up to 80% of your costs by leveraging the power of AI and automation.

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30+ Gartner, Forrester & Other Analyst Reports Feature FireCompass as a Leader

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