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Leader in AI-based Pen Testing

Automatically discover, validate, prioritize, and test your infrastructure.

Built for lean security teams looking for outsized impact.

Why do forward-looking CISOs trust FireCompass?

We combine Artificial Intelligence + Humans!

FireCompass  is a single platform for Automated Recon and Attack. You can use the platform for External Attack Surface Management (EASM), Pentesting and Red Teaming. Some of the key advantages are:

  • Discover Unknown Attack Paths
  • Eliminate 99% False Positives
  • Scale Pentesting for 100% Asset Coverage
  • Increase Pentesting Frequency
  • 80% Cost Savings
  • Built for Lean Security Teams

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The FireCompass Advantage

Discover Unknown Attack Paths

FireCompass uses AI to discover attack paths that might be missed in traditional pen testing. You can rest easy knowing our AI is actively scanning on your behalf at all times.

Eliminate 99% False Positives & Prioritize Risks

Security professionals know that most tools show a very large number of alerts, but only a few of them need attention at any given time. FireCompass validates and prioritizes the 1% critical risks.

Scale Pentesting for 100% Asset Coverage

Continuous discovery of nearly 100% of attack surfaces followed by Automated Pentesting and Red Teaming. Hackers exploit new vulnerabilities in 12 days, FireCompass releases Day 1 CVE playbooks.

Pentesting Frequency

Scale your continuous penetration testing to a monthly/daily frequency, or on-demand.

80% Cost Savings

Save up to 80% of your costs by leveraging the power of AI and automation.

Built for Lean Teams

FireCompass enables small teams to run a scaled pen testing program, without the need for multiple point solutions and consultants.

30+ Gartner, Forrester & Other Analyst Reports Feature FireCompass as a Leader

Know Your Attack Surface Before Your Adversary Does