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Responsible Disclosure Policy

FireCompass (“FireCompass,” “we,” “our,” or “us”) follows a strict code of conduct in keeping the integrity of the Enterprises Privacy. This Responsible Disclosure Policy explains how we disclose the collected Information as outlined below:

  • We will report vulnerabilities and breaches privately
  • We will go to press only after providing reasonable time to fix
  • We appreciate rewards, testimonials as well as a simple “Thank you” 

What Information We Collect And For What Purpose -

  • We only gather information which is publicly available on the Internet
  • We only collect information about Internet-connected devices and other assets from publicly available data sources
  • We only hold data while it’s required to provide our security advice
  • We never share information with any Third-Party/Vendor without seeking our clients consent
  • Our business is about putting security first. As such, our clients’ data is our most important asset and our IT systems are built with this in mind.

Information Disclosure

We operate business which does not involve selling data to third-parties. Therefore we will never knowingly sell your information to any third party, however we will make you aware of the vulnerabilities and leaked information privately. We provide reasonable time to fix it before going to the press.

Contact Us:

You can send your questions, comments and requests to [email protected]