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H-ISAC Webinar

Building Ransomware Security Stack In Your Organization & Proactive Attack Surface Testing

Get A Free Ransomware Risk Assessment

Discover your Ransomware Attack Surface

  • Exposed Vulnerability discovery susceptible to ransomware
  • Discovery of RDP and other exposed Risky Ports
  • Exposed Databases, Cloud Buckets, Risky APIs


Note: We will provide an expert walkthrough of your findings using the FireCompass portal and followed by an Executive Summary report. We are providing free assessments to a limited number of organizations only.

See your organization’s Risky Open Ports, Exploitable Vulnerability & Exposed Data that can be Exploited by a Ransomware

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How FireCompass Helps

Runs Continuously . No Software. No Hardware. No Additional Resources

Discover & Monitor Risky Ports

FireCompass helps to evade external breaches which might happen due to vulnerabilities in risky assets where the organization has no visibility or has lost visibility of attack surface

Monitor Continuously & Get Real Time Alerts

FireCompass continuously analyzes the internet and provides alerts on any changes or risks associated with new ports, exposed RDP, risky assets or any internet-facing infrastructure.

Important Resources

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