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Hacker's View Of Your Attack Surface

See your organization’s attack surface from a hacker’s viewpoint

Discover Shadow IT & Your Digital Attack Surface (Unsanctioned Cloud Assets, Exposed Servers, Misconfigured Infrastructure, Leaked Credentials & more)

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"The tool has exceeded our expectations"

- Risk Manager, Top 3 USA Telecom Provider

Find Every Single Entry Point Before Hackers Do

Runs Continuously. No Software. No Hardware. No Additional Resources

Report Includes:

  • Vulnerabilities (CVEs, Takeover Risk etc.)
  • Exposed DB Servers & S3 Buckets
  • Abandoned Domains, Exposed Applications & Websites Item
  • Exposed Documents & Files, IoT Infrastructure
  • Compromised / Malicious Infrastructure, exposed services like APIs, FTP Servers
  • Exposed Personnel Information including email addresses, phone numbers etc
darkweb Intelligence

A Single Platform For Continuous Discovery, Testing And Adversary Based Prioritization

Continuous Monitoring

Daily monitoring & testing on the attack surface

Eliminate False Positives

Reduce false positives by up to 99%

Blue Team Force Multiplier

Hunting and Attack Playbooks to stay ahead of attackers

No Agents & No Maintenance

Zero knowledge, No agents, Zero configuration and 100% SaaS

Our Customer’s Use Cases

Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART)

Launch multi-stage attacks on your attack surface and identify the breach and attack paths with adversary emulation. Give your blue team the knowledge they need in Hunting and Attack Playbooks.

External Attack Surface Management (EASM)

Identify all IPs, applications, exposed database/cloud buckets, code leaks, leaked credentials, vulnerabilities, exposed test/pre-production systems with daily risk port scanning.

Ransomware Attack Surface Testing (RAST)

Discover ransomware attack surface and
its risk by scanning entire internet for risky assets potentially belonging to your organization

FireCompass In Gartner Hype Cycle
For Security Operations, 2022