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Monthly Breach Report June 2020

Breach Trends and Insights - Report June 2020

This report summarizes the top breaches between mid May to June 2020 accounting for the major breaches the world has seen. This helps you in keeping track of the latest hacks and safeguarding your organization by looking at the trends. We share insights to the breach

1.“Bank Of America (BofA) Data Breach”

Bank Of America Corporation during late May notified of a third party breach through their PPP (Paycheck Protection Program). Compromised information included Address/TIN, Name, SSN, Phone, Email, Citizenship Status. The number of accounts affected were not declared. Officials have notified necessary measures are being taken

2.“BHIM Wallet App Data Breach”

Another Amazon S3 bucket misconfiguration data breach. Since it’s a payment app, the breach exposed financial and personal details. The approximate is 7 million indian citizen records being affected. The exposed data includes Aadhaar number, DOB, name, gender, biometrics, PAN, Address etc. NPCI has denied any breach. *P.S: The breach was at the CSC (Common Service Center), which is responsible for the website, and has nothing to do with the payment app – BHIM.  The company responsible for development of the website & the care-taker of sensitive data is understood to be the Common Services Center(CSC) e-Governance Services Ltd.  The CSC scheme is one of the mission mode projects under the Digital India Programme. 


3.“Joomla Data Breach”

Joomla is an open source CMS (content management system). A member of the team left a complete backup of the JRD site ( on a AWS S3 bucket. It is known the backup was not encrypted and had around 2,700 registrants. If exposure, details such as name, business id, phone, nature of business, encrypted password etc. could be exposed

4.“Keepnet Data Breach”

Keepnet labs notified an agent exposed 5Billion records database. During maintenance, the firewall was paused for a few minutes when the database got  indexed by BinaryEdge. Post this the link was accessible without a password. However no customer data was exposed. It only had previously publicly available data

5.“MU Health Data Breach”

Missouri Health Care has notified patients of a september data breach. Information stolen may include name, DOB, medical record numbers, health insurance detail etc. An incident was noticed where an access was noted to email accounts of MU students affiliated with MU Health.

6."San Antonio Aerospace Breach"

The maze ransomware gang hit VT San Antonio and released their data (unencrypted files) from company’s compromised devices. This company is a major American MRO (maintenance, repair, overhaul). They work with defense services, governments and commercial segments in 100 + countries.

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