Breach Trends and Insights – October 2020

This report summarises the top breaches between mid – September till 15th October 2020. The report will help you to keep track of the latest hacks and add insights to safeguard your organization by looking at the trends.  Most common Breach trends identified :  Elasticsearch (Non-password protected database server) Operational Errors – (exposed system with… Read More »Breach Trends and Insights – October 2020

Top Endpoint Encryption Technology Vendors

Encryption Technology is a process of protecting your sensitive data by converting it into encoded information which could be read only with a key. Endpoint Encryption technology ensures data privacy by encrypting data stored on your endpoints—including PCs, Macintoshes, DVDs, and USB drives, which can easily be lost or stolen. Here are Top Endpoint Encryption… Read More »Top Endpoint Encryption Technology Vendors