Discover & Test your Ransomware
Attack Surface

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Free Assessment to discover your Ransomware Attack Surface

  • Exposed Vulnerability discovery susceptible to ransomware
  • Discovery of RDP and other exposed Risky Ports
  • Exposed Databases, Cloud Buckets, Risky APIs

Note: We will provide an expert walkthrough of your findings using the FireCompass portal and followed by an Executive Summary report. We are providing free assessments to a limited number of organizations only.

At FireCompass, we help organizations to constantly monitor and discover potential vulnerabilities in open ports, unpatched servers that are vulnerable to ransomware. We will then perform safe active attacks on the organisation’s systems by simulating scenarios like that of a ransomware actor. We provide successful attack narratives along with possible mitigation strategies. We are happy to announce that FireCompass would be providing Free Ransomware Risk Assessment.


"The tool has exceeded our expectations .. The tool has demonstrated reliability in the findings and FireCompass has proven to be a valuable service provider."
-Risk Manager, Top 5 Telecom Company

Single Platform For Automated Recon & Multi Stage Attacks

Attack Surface Management (ASM)

FireCompass automatically discovers an organization’s ever-changing digital attack surface, including unknown exposed databases, cloud buckets, code leaks, exposed credentials, risky cloud assets, open ports, exposed pre-prod systems & more

Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART)

FireCompass engine helps to launch multi-stage attacks, which includes network attacks, application attacks, and social engineering attacks, on the discovered digital surface to identify breach and attack paths before hackers do

Digital Footprinting & Shadow IT Discovery

FireCompass discovers & monitors your data, applications & services which are publicly exposed on the Internet, intentionally or unintentionally. The dashboard summarizes the high and low priority risks and recommends mitigation steps.