Top 3 Risks of an Expanding Attack Surface & Remote Workforce

Due to the global pandemic, organisations have rapidly moved to a rapid digital transformation to enable a remote workforce model and this has naturally led to a multi-fold increase in the IT attack surface of an organisation. Security leaders now need to take into account the additional risks brought onto by the remote workforce and their personal devices that are not in the purview of your organization’s security measures.

  • Not Knowing New Assets Uploaded on the Internet During WFH: With little time to get prepared for the work from home and to maintain business continuity many assets went online which now might be insecure or open to attack. It is very important for the CISO and the security team to understand which assets are online and publicly visible to the world.

  • Increased 3rd/4th Party Risks: Your 3rd part and 4th party vendor risks have also increased multi-fold due to the spurt in organisations choosing to let their workforce work from their home remotely resulting in an increased attack surface.

  • Accidental data exposure during WFH: With several of your team members working remotely and accessing data outside of the preview of your organizations security measures, there is a high risk of organization critical data being exposed accidentally (including customer data, applications, codes..etc)
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Firecompass (Free Tests for Attack Surface Discovery During COVID 19)

FireCompass helps in attack surface reduction by indexing the entire global internet, including the deep, dark and surface web to discover the unknown attack surface of an organization which is exposed on the internet. It creates an asset inventory of all your publicly exposed applications & services which is stored in FireCompass proprietary Big Data Platform. We query our big-data platform using our proprietary AI and ML based algorithms rendering the results (Shadow IT, Digital Foot print & 3rd Party Vendor Risks) in near real-time.

It has following use cases – 

  1. Unknown Asset Discovery (Create your Asset Inventory of all your publicly exposed applications & services)
  2. Darkweb Exposure (Leaked credentials, Credit Cards, PII, passwords..etc)
  3. 3rd/4th Party Risk Management (Manage third & fourth party risks to assess the security posture and prevent data breaches)