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Top 12 Talks On ‘Red Teaming & Purple Teaming’ from Security Conferences

We’ve often heard security forums end up with the fiery debate on ‘Red Team’ Vs ‘Purple Team’. So, here we’ve put together some top talks from global security conferences that could help you get a hang on the debatable topic

1. Red Team vs. Blue Team on AWS

2. Red Team View: Gaps in the Serverless Application Attack Surface

3. Establishing a Quality Vulnerability Management Program

4. DevSecOps on the Offense: Automating Amazon Web Services Account Takeover

5. Security Precognition: Chaos Engineering in Incident Response

6. Breaking and Entering: How and Why DHS Conducts Penetration Tests

7. Leveraging Red for Defense

8. Advanced Red Teaming : All Your Badges Belong To Us

9. “Beyond the MCSE : Red Teaming Active Directory”

10. Active Deception For Red & Blue Team

11. Cyber purple teaming : uniting blur & red teams

12. The Rise Of Purple Team

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