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third party risk management

Steps To Build An Enterprise Third-Party Risk Management Program

Vendor or enterprise third party risk related breaches are at an all time high. Several of the high profile breaches like Uber, Amazon, British Airways & more has been caused due to 3rd party. Most of the major security related framework, guidelines, compliance and regulations has made 3rd party risk management a mandatory part of overall security program. Following are the key steps for building an effective third party risk management (vendor risk management) program.

How Missing Continuous Monitoring Makes Third-Party Risk Management Programs Ineffective

Many organizations have hundreds of vendors and the Third-Party risk exposure is one of the biggest threats. Most of the organizations depend upon partners, vendors, suppliers, contractors and other third-parties for day-to-day operations. Each of them presents some potential risk to the organization. Third-Party Risk Management programs helps in assessing the cybersecurity of vendors/3rd parties that… Read More »How Missing Continuous Monitoring Makes Third-Party Risk Management Programs Ineffective

6 Must-Know Facts About Shadow IT

Shadow IT refers to IT applications and infrastructure that are managed and utilized without the knowledge of the enterprise’s IT department. Shadow IT risks exists in most organizations but most IT leaders and CISOs underestimate about its reach. In this blog, we will uncover the important facts that every business leader should understand about Shadow… Read More »6 Must-Know Facts About Shadow IT

Third-Parties: Risks & Threats Associated With Them

Third-Party risks are more as the Third-Party breaches continue to dominate and these breaches are expensive to organizations. Third-parties are those companies that you directly work with such as data management companies, law firms, e-mail providers, web hosting companies, subsidiaries, vendors, sub-contractors. Third-Parties are  basically any organization, whose employees or systems have access to your… Read More »Third-Parties: Risks & Threats Associated With Them