Report – Cyber Security Maturity Of Indian Industry

Here’s a small snapshot of the various finding from the cyber security maturity (India) study.


Security Maturity Score By Industry :




Identification Capabilities By Industry :



Prevention Capabilities By Industry :




Detection Capabilities By Industry :



Response Capabilities By Industry :




Key Findings :

  • Large Indian Banks and Telcos are the most mature with average score
    of ~60% with Small Banks and Insurance are lagging far behind at ~45%
  • Internal Technology Controls are primarily around prevention, with not
    sufficient measure implemented around detection & response
  • Indian organizations are primarily compliance driven & reactive, with average
    security scores hovering around ~50/ 100
  • Response Capabilities across sectors is very poor, ranging between 25 to 40%
  • Preliminary data on startup shows that the security maturity is abysmally low at
    around 8
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Reference –

Data Set:

25+ Technology Controls related data for 200+ Organizations, across industries. Collected via online
surveys. Respondents were primarily CISOs or Equivalent titles.

The methodology and scoring model can be found here



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