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[Upcoming Webinar]Future of Offensive Attack Simulation& CART (Continuous Automated Red Teaming)

Future of Offensive Attack Simulation & CART

A hack is executed every 39 seconds and impacts one in three Americans every year. According to Gartner, “Nation-state actors and criminal organizations operate with a level of sophistication that surpasses the preventative and detection capabilities of most security and risk management teams.”

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Join us for our latest webinar, where Joe Basirico, Senior VP, Security Innovations, and Bikash Barai, Cofounder, FireCompass will be speaking about the Future of offensive attack simulation and the strategies & techniques a CISO or Security Professional can use to protect their organization from bad actors.
  • Offensive Attack landscape: Analyzing data from Deep dark and Surface web
  • Tools, techniques & trends related to Offensive Attack Simulation: Attack Surface Management (ASM)
  • How Can Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART) Help & More

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