Benchmarking Web Application Firewall (WAF) Solutions

Today web applications are ubiquitous and in many cases, the primary source of engagement between the user and the organization. Traditionally, organizations relied on network security controls such as network firewalls and IDS/IPS as the primary defence mechanism even for applications, but that is a very flawed approach. Application security requires organizations to rethink their security strategy and not take a piecemeal view. There is a critical need for an evaluation methodology for Web Application Firewall (WAF) solution and this  20 Page comprehensive guide.


This will help you with independent evaluation & comparison of WAF solutions. You can customize this checklist based on your specific requirements. This report is created by FireCompass Analysts along with the F5 Networks Team.

Guide Includes:

  • Overview of the Web Application Firewall (WAF) Solutions
  • Common Web Application Firewall (WAF) Use Cases
  • Deployment Options for Web Application Firewall (WAF) Solutions
  • Detailed Evaluation Checklist to evaluate Web Application Firewall (WAF) Solutions
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With the increased growth in the usage of the internet, mobile applications, and the Internet of Things, applications become ubiquitous but their security is low key. Deploying an effective WAF will be one of the baseline measures organizations can take to protect themselves from breaches and secure their customers. This guide is a good start who are looking to evaluate WAF Solutions. Organizations can customize this checklist based on their specific requirements.


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