July 2018

Top Endpoint Encryption Technology Vendors

Encryption Technology is a process of protecting your sensitive data by converting it into encoded information which could be read only with a key. Endpoint Encryption technology ensures data privacy by encrypting data stored on your endpoints—including PCs, Macintoshes, DVDs, and USB drives, which can easily be lost or stolen. Here are Top Endpoint Encryption… Read More »Top Endpoint Encryption Technology Vendors

Webinar- Mastering Next Gen SIEM Use Cases (Part3)

Explore in-depth Use Cases of Next-Gen Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) – Part 3 of 3 series.   What will you learn: Tools and techniques – understanding the taxonomy Top use cases for the SOC Attack surfaces Insider threat Credential theft Endpoint compromise Application attack Monitoring / Building / SWIFT Fraud Analytics and hunting playbooks for SWIFT About… Read More »Webinar- Mastering Next Gen SIEM Use Cases (Part3)

Benchmarking Deception Technologies

Benchmarking Deception Solutions

With the evolving threat landscape, breaches are becoming increasingly common. As per Ponemon Institute, in 2017, the average time required to detect a breach was 191 days and the average time required to contain a breach was 66 days. These time frames can have a significant impact on businesses relying on technology for their continued… Read More »Benchmarking Deception Solutions

Benchmarking Web Application Firewall (WAF) Solutions

Today web applications are ubiquitous and in many cases, the primary source of engagement between the user and the organization. Traditionally, organizations relied on network security controls such as network firewalls and IDS/IPS as the primary defence mechanism even for applications, but that is a very flawed approach. Application security requires organizations to rethink their… Read More »Benchmarking Web Application Firewall (WAF) Solutions