Shadow IT Discovery Pricing

Pricing - Shadow IT Discovery & Monitoring

Micro (# Online Assets <500)

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Small (#Online Assets <1000)

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Medium (#Online Assets <2500)

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Large (#Online Assets >2500)

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One time Assessment per Organization

USD 10,000

USD 15,000

USD 25,000


Quarterly Assessment per Organization

USD 20,000

USD 30,000

USD 50,000

USD 100,000

Monthly Assessment per Organization

USD 40,000

USD 60,000

USD 100,000

USD 200,000

Daily Assessment per Organization

USD 60,000

USD 90,000

USD 150,000


Exposed Internet Infrastructure Discovery and Risk Assessment based on OSINT

Exposed Web Applications Discovery and Risk Assessment based on OSINT

Identify Possible Phishing Domains

Exposed Documents and Files Discovery

Exposed Services Discovery

Exposed Personal Information Discovery

Exposed DB Servers and S3 Buckets Discovery