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Outspeed Attackers with AI-Powered Penetration Testing

Single Platform for Automated Pen Testing,
Continuous Automated Red Teaming &
NextGen Attack Surface Management

Why Traditional Pen Testing Fails?

Organizations Pen Test Only Partial Asset Inventory

Organizations typically secure their most important assets, but fail to test pre-prod assets that often have production data. Hackers know this, and keep checking your peripheral assets for vulnerabilities.

Organizations Pen-Test Yearly/Quarterly; Hackers Attack Continuously

Hackers exploit new vulnerabilities within 24 hours to 12 days, while companies take up to 30 days to discover, verify, prioritize and patch vulnerabilities.

Pen-Testing Is Largely Manual, Costly & Time Consuming

Fragmented tools, false-positive alert fatigue, expensive consultants and small teams mean the good guys are stretched.

AI Powered Single Platform for Automated Pen Testing, Red Teaming & NextGen Attack Surface Management

AI based Recon: Discover Unknown Risky Assets in Real Time

Continuously monitor and discover your entire attack surface with Passive & Active Recon, and be alerted of IPs as soon as they are exposed. Prioritize your vulnerabilities and reduce false positives by 99% so that you can focus on the most critical security gaps.

FireCompass Recon Platform
Continuous Attack Emulation

AI based Pen Test: Run complex multi-stage attack paths at scale

FireCompass automates complex attack paths at scale with AI. What would take a team of pen testers days to do for a few assets, is done by FireCompass in seconds for a large number of assets.

AI based Red Teaming: Test Your Security Control Effectiveness Against Specific Adversarial Goals

After you’ve patched your vulnerabilities, test them against real-world threats from ransomware and nation-state actors.

Firecompass Playbook Dashboard
PTaaS To Reduce Complexity and Cost

AI + Humans: Pen Test as a Service (PTaaS) To Reduce Complexity and Cost

Use FireCompass’s AI enabled platform and Managed Services to receive an end-to-end Pen Test As a Service (PTaaS).

Prioritized Alerts with no False Positives

FireCompass combines Passive Recon with Active Testing to validate & prioritize real risks. PTaaS combines humans and Automation to ensure that you have no false positives

FireCompass combines Passive Recon with Active Testing to validate & prioritize real risks

Featured in 30+ Analyst Reports

“FireCompass’s strengths lie in its comprehensive asset discovery and flexible approach to vulnerability assessment. Its asset categorization is notably broad and detailed, enhancing asset management capabilities. The platform’s standout feature is its autonomous penetration testing suite, a core capability that has been a part of its offerings for years.”


“FireCompass Scans and indexes the web as a hacker would with an always on method of looking for attack Vectors. It then launches attacks with continuous automated red teaming to repeatedly test customer’s attack surfaces. It wants red teaming to be available to all enterprises consistently, not just large organizations who perform red team exercises several times a year.”


FireCompass recognized in Gartner® Hype Cycle™ for Automated Red Teaming, Continuous Pen Testing & Attack Surface Management
“Frequent and consistent testing helps find and mitigate weaknesses, gaps and
operational deficiencies not found by other tools, in addition to reducing downtime and loss of revenue.”


Forward Thinking Organizations Choose FireCompass for AI-enabled Pen Testing

"Traditional Pen Testing and Red Teaming involve multiple tools and manual effort. The FireCompass platform has the capabilities that eliminate the need to buy different point solutions that don’t speak to each other. It allows a smaller team to map a larger attack surface, validate & prioritize more risks, and run more tests at a much lower cost than a plethora of disconnected point solutions or an army of consultants.”
Ed Adams | Security Innovation
Ed Adams, CEO, Security Innovation
    • FireCompass has built a single platform for Automated Recon and Attack. You can use the platform for AI-enabled Pen Testing, External Attack Surface Management (EASM), and Red Teaming.

      “The tool has exceeded our expectations” 
      – Risk Manager, Sprint USA

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