Webinar- Mastering Next Gen SIEM Use Cases (Part2)

Explore in-depth Use Cases of Next-Gen Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) – Part 2 of 3 series.


What will you learn:

  • Tools and techniques – understanding the taxonomy
  • Top use cases for the SOC
  • Attack surfaces
    • Insider threat
    • Credential theft
    • Endpoint compromise
    • Application attack
  • Monitoring / Building / SWIFT Fraud
  • Analytics and hunting playbooks for SWIFT

About Speaker:


Shomiron Das Gupta

Founder, Netmonastery



Shomiron is a highly experienced Intrusion Analyst, and has been building threat detection systems for more than a decade. He founded NETMONASTERY (NM) at the end of 2002, and set out to deliver quality attack detection products and services to its customers. Today NM serves the largest customers in the financial, telecom, media and e-commerce markets with its geographical reach and presence spanning the globe.

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