Understanding Key Attack Surface Dimensions

We will discuss a few key areas in the vast attack surface today. With increasing technology advancement and its intervention into the enterprise world makes the scope of cyber defense enormously large. It reminds me of depth-first and breadth-first search algorithms to cover scopes in varied situations. The security landscape is so widely expanding, the change… Read More »Understanding Key Attack Surface Dimensions

Top 4 Shadow IT Misconceptions

“Shadow IT is here to stay” this statement have the potential to provoke as much debate in the CIO community. Most CIOs are aware that Shadow IT occurs within their organization. As it turns out, the problem may be much more prevalent than they ever imagined. There are few shadow IT misconceptions which are good to know… Read More »Top 4 Shadow IT Misconceptions

Risks of Shadow IT in Financial Services Firms

Organizations across all Financial Services firms are dealing with the effects of shadow IT, whether they realize it or not. Shadow IT is technology that is adopted and deployed by business units without the knowledge or consent of corporate IT teams. The motivations behind the adoption of shadow IT are typically well-intentioned. For financial services firms,… Read More »Risks of Shadow IT in Financial Services Firms

4 Ways To Manage Enterprise Digital Footprint

As the name suggest “Digital Footprint”, it’s the unique traces of your digital presence. As per wikipedia, “ Digital Footprint refers to one’s unique set of traceable digital activities, actions, contributions and communications that are manifested on the Internet or on digital devices.” Here in this blog we will emphasise on how to manage enterprise digital… Read More »4 Ways To Manage Enterprise Digital Footprint