Webinar-Insider Threat Intelligence: Creating A Robust Information Security System

What will you learn:

  • Overview of data leakages
    • Cases
    • Risks
    • Solutions
  • Protection against data leakages
    • Main challenges
    • Sources of data leakages
    • Tools and solutions
  • Data Leakage Prevention systems
    • Core principles and technologies involved
  • Layered insider threat intelligence
    • Visualization of information flows
    • Pinpoint control of suspicious activities
  • Mobile environment and insider threats

About Speaker:


Nikita Zaychikov

Presales Manager,



Nikita has an extensive background in IT, Engineering and Security fields and has worked from both technical and sales sides, giving him insight into both technical challenges and business applications of various information security tools. During his employment at InfoWatch, he worked in several regions around the world, including Russia, the CIS, the Middle East, South-East Asia and others. This gives Nikita understanding of how approaches to security and information technology differ in various regions of the world.

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