2019 Biggest Breaches: 2019 The “Worst Year On Record” For Breaches

According to research from Risk Based Security, the total number of breaches was up 33% over last year. That’s a whopping 5,183 data breaches for a total of 7.9 billion exposed records and in November, the research firm called 2019 the “worst year on record” for breaches… Not having real time view of your dynamic attack surface and… Read More »2019 Biggest Breaches: 2019 The “Worst Year On Record” For Breaches

One Plus Breach – November 2019

Less than 3000 one-plus smartphone users were claimed to be affected by a recent one-plus data breach. One-plus is known to have had previous data breaches. Customers are advised to change their password. Data leaked involves name, address, email. The nature of data revealed maybe used for impersonation and indirect access to other accounts. Recently,… Read More »One Plus Breach – November 2019

T-mobile data breach (1 M customers affected)

Over 1 million+ T-mobile customers were affected with a data breach. Personal information (not including password or financial data) were revealed. Expected data revealed would be name, billingaddress, phone and account number, calling scheme etc. The scheme data by T-Mobile customer privacy policy requires them to notify their customer if there is a leak of… Read More »T-mobile data breach (1 M customers affected)

Facebook & Twitter Breach – November 2019

This year July, facebook settled for a $5billion worth settlement with US Federal Trade Commission for its privacy failures in Cambridge Analytica case. Recently, they have disclosed a group of developers around 100 had access to additional information of people in groups. Malicious apps have leaked personal data of facebook and twitter users to third… Read More »Facebook & Twitter Breach – November 2019

Macy’s Breach November 2019

Macy’s is a popular shopping destination and a breach before christmas shopping is a scare. On October 15 it notified customers of a magecart card-skimming device. The unauthorized code on payment page (checkout & wallet) could have accessed name, address, city, phone, email, payment card number, card security code, card month/year of expiration. -> (Free… Read More »Macy’s Breach November 2019