Kamanashish Roy

FireCompass Selected as IDC Innovator for Attack Surface Management, 2021

We are excited to be chosen as an IDC Innovator for “Attack Surface Management, 2021”. IDC Innovators are emerging vendors who have demonstrated either a groundbreaking business model or an innovative new technology – or both. Why FireCompass Was Chosen as an IDC Innovator? FireCompass Scans and indexes the web as a hacker would with… Read More »FireCompass Selected as IDC Innovator for Attack Surface Management, 2021

Breach Trends and Ransomware Statistics: June – July 21

Ransomware attacks globally have gone up by 102% in 2021 compared to last year. In 2021 alone, cybercrime has been predicted to cause damages worth over $6 Trillion. Most common tactics Ransomware attackers are using are phishing campaigns, RDP vulnerabilities. We will track the Ransomware attacks each month to share via blog. To keep informed… Read More »Breach Trends and Ransomware Statistics: June – July 21

Kaseya VSA Ransomware Attack 2021

REvil ransomware conducted a massive attack through the Kaseya VSA patch and remote management software that encrypted MSPs worldwide and their customers. The zero-day Kaseya vulnerability was discovered by DIVD researcher Wietse Boonstra and was assigned the CVE-2021-30116 identifier. Kaseya states that REvil used the Zero-day vulnerability in their on-premise VSA service to conduct the… Read More »Kaseya VSA Ransomware Attack 2021

Breach Trends And Insights – June 2021

In this report we will talk about some of the important cyberattacks that have taken place during 15th May – 15th June. Analyzing the attacks, the following key insights are gained: With more integration with third party systems, organizations are exposing themselves towards indirect breach that flows into their organization without adequately understanding the risks… Read More »Breach Trends And Insights – June 2021